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Territorial food policies


Support local authorities within the framework of their competences

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Planches garonne.003.jpeg
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Protect agricultural land, support the installation of diversified farms, agro-ecological and nourishing farms.

Connect the territory with local food processing tools that participate in the territorial economy.

Encourage the consumption of raw, local and seasonal organic products, and develop culinary skills.

Reduce losses and waste throughout the chain and create compost to enrich the soil.

Develop short and local food supply chains that ensure a fair distribution of added value.


Prioritise the issues of sustainability of your food system

  • A tried and tested methodology that has been enriched in some twenty territories

  • Numerous examples to inspire you

  • The voice of the territory's actors

  • Monitoring indicators

  • A graphic rendering accessible to all

  • A tailor-made communication plan (summaries, video, social networks, etc.)


Co-construct with the actors of the food system 

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  • Numerous workshops organised and carried out with partner local authorities

  • Graphic materials accessible to all

  • Original activities to allow everyone to participate

  • Adapted to the objectives: sharing the food system assessment, co-construction of a food strategy, an action plan, etc.


Inspire each other, plan and cooperate to meet the challenges

  • Numerous examples of successful initiatives to draw inspiration from

  • A game of 7 families for elected officials to identify inspiring public policies

  • A guide to challenge your actions with regard to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (2030)

Fiches animation formation élus.png
Fiches animation formation élus.png

This game allows you to discover, together with the elected representatives and agents of local authorities, the different objectives of a sustainable food system while discovering inspiring examples of public policies in France and abroad.


Build an ambitious vision, agree on shared commitments, exchange, discover and create spaces of trust

  • As the French national framework supporting Territorial Food Projects is 10 years old, some territories are entering a new phase: the perpetuation of sustainable public food policies but also the integration of new stakeholders, new balances of power and new cooperation.

  • The implementation of governance strategies must make it possible to secure stakeholders and encourage effective collective action: discover our support in Grenoble, Gard and Figeac (France).


Identify realistic and communicable indicators to report and communicate

  • The social and ecological utility grid applied to food initiatives in New Aquitaine (France).

  • The monitoring and evaluation tools built during our support for the food resilience strategy of the City of Bordeaux, ARCHE-Agglo - Rhône Crussol, the Food Transition Plan for French Polynesia, New Caledonia or even the food transition strategies governance of the Department of Gard and of Grenoble Alpes Métropole (France).

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